China tests land-based missile interception
China tests land-based missile interception

As part of its interception tests, China has successfully intercepted a land-based missile. Defense Ministry has provided the following information. According to Reuters, the minister said it was only defensive, not aimed at any country. As part of President Xi Jinping’s ambitious modernization plan, China is ramping up research on all types of missiles in space, from missiles that destroy satellites to nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

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Missile interceptor test

In the telling, Beijing has already conducted tests on missile interceptors. Test results were published last in February 2021, followed by an announcement in 2018. It has been reported by state media that Chinese anti-missile systems have been tested since 2010. Late Sunday, the ministry announced it had conducted a ground-based missile interceptor test.

Expected goals reached

It was a defensive test and was not intended to target any country, the ministry said. It has not been provided with any further information regarding the test. China, as well as its ally Russia, have repeatedly opposed the US deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) systems in South Korea.

A powerful radar on the device could penetrate China’s territory, according to the Chinese government. A simulated anti-missile exercise has also been conducted by China and Russia. Chinese missile programs have been disclosed in addition to statements made by the Defense Ministry and state media. The Defense Ministry confirmed in 2016 that anti-missile tests were being conducted after images appeared on state television. National security and defense require such technology, according to Beijing.

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