Air Force plane crash in Bharatpur
Air Force plane crash in Bharatpur

Air Force plane crash in Bharatpur: In Bharatpur, Rajasthan, there has reportedly been an air force plane crash. This collision took place close to Nagla village under the Uchain police station’s jurisdiction.

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Alok Ranjan, the district collector, has verified the occurrence. Upon learning of the Air Force jet accident, police and administrative representatives were dispatched to the area. Additionally, there are reports of a forest fire near the scene of the collision.

Shyam Singh, the superintendent of police for the Bharatpur District, said that the jet had crashed in an open field near the Uchain police station. However, it is not immediately obvious how much property damage and loss of life the disaster has resulted in.

Singh stated that more details on the accident are anticipated. It has been reported that a technical issue is to blame for the disaster involving this plane. The aircraft crashed in the Uchain region of Rajasthan after taking off from Agra in Uttar Pradesh.

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