Plane crash in Madhya Pradesh Morena
Plane crash in Madhya Pradesh Morena

Plane Crash in Madhya Pradesh: Sukhoi-30 and Mirage 2000 planes from the Air Force have crashed in Madhya Pradesh‘s Morena area. Rescue efforts are ongoing.

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Both aircraft departed from Gwalior Air Base. There was an air force drill going on.

Army sources claim that a court of inquiry into the jet disaster has been mandated. The Air Force will look into the possibility of a collision between the two planes. Two pilots flew the Sukhoi, while one flew the Miraj. The pilot prevented the accident from happening in Kailaras and Pahargarh.

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Both pilots safe

Two pilots are said to be entirely safe. The Air Force chopper will shortly reach the third pilot’s location. Before the plane crashed, the burning aircraft was visible from the ground.

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