Airtel 5G service will start soon
Airtel 5G service will start soon

Following the 5G spectrum auction, the 5G service is now not too far off. Jio and Airtel have expedited the rollout of 5G networks. Regarding Airtel, the company can start providing its 5G service this month. The company has already stated that the introduction of its 5G services will begin this month, in August.

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The start date for Airtel’s 5G service is still to be announced. Akhil Gupta, the company’s vice chairman, and vice president, recently provided information on Airtel’s plans in an interview.

He hasn’t said how much the plans will cost, but he has obviously hinted at it. We probably won’t charge our customers extra for 5G, but this service will be offered with high tariff options, according to Akhil.

Airtel 5G service will start soon

According to Gupta, 5G technology will initially be made available to users who demand more data and quicker speeds, which boosts the telecom operator’s bottom line. The CEO of the business had previously stated that Airtel would launch its 5G service this month with 5000 towers in India. In addition to Airtel, Jio can shortly reveal the day that its 5G service would go live.

What will be the cost of 5G plans?

In other words, the corporation will initially exclusively offer 5G services with more expensive plans. By doing this, Airtel will easily meet its ARPU goal (Average Revenue Per User). The company’s ARPU for the first quarter of FY 2023 was Rs 183.

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The company’s ARPU will easily hit Rs 200 due to the price hikes and pricey 5G plans. Only at the conclusion of the previous year had the corporation raised the prices. His ARPU went from 20% to 25% as a result.

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