Bholaa second teaser released
Bholaa second teaser released

Bholaa Teaser: The much-anticipated movie Bholaa, starring actor Ajay Devgn, has unveiled its second teaser. This movie’s poster has already been made public. Actor Ajay Devgn then uploaded the second teaser for the movie Bholaa to his Instagram account.

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In the movie, Tabu will play the female lead opposite Ajay. The movie appears to be packed with drama and action. The role that Ajay Devgn is playing is significant.

Bholaa’s second teaser released

In the second teaser for “Bholaa,” Ajay is shown lying down while contemplating the fact that “the father who could not give a doll in 10 years, is thinking of giving the world in one night. Ajay Devgn’s Bholaa is actually a Hindi remake of the South Indian film Kaithi.

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This film was both directed and produced by Ajay. The movie’s 3D debut is set for March 30, 2023.

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