Spotify and InMobi layoff employees
Spotify and InMobi layoff employees

The wave of layoffs is currently underway in full force. And every day, some story about this makes headlines. And one such alarming report that huge firms have undertaken widespread layoffs came to light yesterday. Spotify and InMobi are their names.

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Spotify laid off 600 employees

Major Spotify Technology-related news has just been released. Global layoffs are planned by the Spotify Technology Company. In this, it is said that 6% of the workforce will be let go.

According to media sources, the Spotify corporation announced on Monday that it will be laying off 600 people, or 6% of its workforce worldwide. CEO of the Swedish firm Daniel Ek made this announcement.

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InMobi lays off 50-70 employees

The first unicorn in India has announced the layoffs of thousands of workers. There have been between 50 and 70 layoffs at InMobi. This layoff has affected both InMobi and its other company, Glance. Till now this news has not been confirmed by the InMobi officials.

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