Amazon is laying off 18 thousand staff
Amazon is laying off 18 thousand staff

Despite the global recession, Amazon, an online retailer, has made a significant statement. Amazon said on Thursday that it will be firing around 18,000 workers.

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Beginning on January 18, this retrenchment procedure will take place. The people who work in the company’s e-commerce and human resources (HR) departments will be most affected by this significant layoff, according to a message issued by CEO Andy Jassy.

This was revealed by the company’s CEO, Andy Jesse, in a memo to staff members on Wednesday. Amazon had previously announced the layoff of 10,000 employees, but that number has already been upped to 18,000.

“After lockdown, no additional staff is required.”

The business also claimed to have employed a large number of new employees during the Corona pandemic. There was no need for these folks in such a scenario after the lockdown began in the nations. The business can now retrench these individuals widely in such a circumstance.

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