Russia's warning - Crude oil will reach $ 300
Russia's warning - Crude oil will reach $ 300

Russia has bluntly warned Europe and America, which are preparing to impose sanctions on oil supply. According to a Russian minister, if the European Union considers imposing sanctions on us, be prepared to buy crude oil for $300 per barrel.

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Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak has said that if sanctions are imposed on the supply of crude oil from Russia, then Western countries will be forced to purchase crude oil at a price of $ 300 per barrel. There will be a major impact on the global market if such restrictions are imposed. Russia contributes 8 percent to global crude supply, while Europe provides 30 percent.

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We said recently that we will stop Russia’s crude supply together with the European Union. Following this, crude had crossed $139 per barrel on the global market.

Germany’s gas supply will be closed

Novak warned Europe, saying they should not even think of banning Russia’s energy supplies, otherwise, the German gas pipelines would not run. If Europe decides not to buy oil from us, it will take more than a year to make up for it. During this period, one must be prepared to buy expensive oil.

Europe has to make a wise decision

Nowak said that European countries should think of their own interests. We are already prepared for such a scenario. If our supply is impacted there, we will start supplying in another market. Europe buys 40 percent of her gas from us. We have to make up for this when our supply is cut off. At the moment, we do not plan on imposing any such ban, but if Europe progresses, we will be obliged to.

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