Ankit Gupta out of Bigg Boss 16
Ankit Gupta out of Bigg Boss 16

Every day in Bigg Boss, there is some sort of commotion, and we often observe these commotions taking place in the middle of work. However, when the job of nomination occurs and the candidates nominate one another, the actual conflict emerges.

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Now that the housemates had chosen Priyanka and Ankit as their targets and nominated them for the assignment, we got to see something similar. Ankit left the house after the Bigg Boss family members voted him out.

Ankit was actually eliminated from the house after Bigg Boss asked the housemates to select the contestant who has contributed the least to the show.

Because of this, the fans are quite dissatisfied with Bigg Boss’ choice, and they question the point of viewers watching Bigg Boss if he has to make every decision on his own. How much of this is actually true will only become clear after viewing Friday’s episode.

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