Entrepreneur Andrew Giorgi
Entrepreneur Andrew Giorgi

In many industries, it is very difficult for entrepreneurs to find their niche, and failures are the mark of their failure. Dropshipping and wholesale expert Andrew Giorgi went through many failed ventures and unsatisfactory decisions before he became a multiple-month, six-figure earner. In 2017, he found himself working as a heavy equipment operator, selling weed, Twitch streaming, and creating YouTube videos, and ultimately discovering the dropshipping and wholesale industry.

Success mantra for Andrew Giorgi

The entrepreneur discussed how he got to this point of success and what advice he would give to young entrepreneurs by saying, “don’t listen to anyone else but yourself.” It is important that you do what is right for you. You should try as much as possible. Prior to becoming successful in one business, I tried 7+ different types in different niches and areas. If you have an intuitive feeling regarding something, try it if you think it will be fun. In business, it is very important to be unemotional.

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As I was building my book business, in just 4 months I had increased my revenue by more than $50k. In just 4 months, I increased my revenue by over $50k as I built my book business. Based on certain aspects of the business, I did not want to do this long-term. My attention had been devoted to the business and its improvement during every waking minute.

My goal is to create a long-term position that will allow me to do what I love, and that will allow me to do what I love. Instead of focusing on what you are ‘losing,’ you should focus on what you have learned and what you have accomplished.”

What Makes Entrepreneur Andrew Giorgi Different

Andrew’s belief in himself has taken him to places he only dreamed of, and now he guides and mentors others on the same journey by teaching and mentoring programs and courses. A business model can be taught to people who are unable to afford the expense of an automation package or simply wish to create an automated income stream by learning it themselves.

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In addition to instilling the tips of a successful entrepreneur, Andrew Giorgi teaches and guides. According to him, a successful entrepreneur must possess the right mindset, relentless work ethic, persistence, faith in themselves and their abilities, and the ability to come up with creative solutions to the problems they encounter on their journey.

Your gut instinct is the best guide and you need to block out all distractions. Andrew Giorgi hopes others can learn from these lessons and set themselves up for similar growth by following his example. “The Doors open if you put yourself in a situation to take benefit of them.”

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