Vishal Prajapati
Vishal Prajapati

Indian-origin fashion enthusiasts are making their mark in the global market, regardless of how competitive the fashion industry is. Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial in this highly competitive marketplace. A 25-year-old fashion influencer from Surat, Vishal Prajapati frequently posts images of his unique style on Instagram.

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Almost everyone has some type of influence inside them, and this influence can be unleashed with the right tool, which is to utilize our work, skills to inspire others. Being inspired by someone is good, but being the influencer is even better.

Mark by VP is the brand name he set up for his own dress line to accommodate his intention to make style available to the public.

With his experience in working with a range of exceptional brands in style and extravagance, Vishal Prajapati knows how to keep his content engaging and resonant with his crowd. In 2015, Vishal began posting his photoshoot pictures on Facebook. In 2017, Vishal Prajapati entered the Instagram space and began curating interesting and cool content. His style was embraced by millennials and teenagers.

Vishal Prajapati

Youngest fashion influencers Vishal Prajapati

Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer from Surat, concerned about the ongoing COVID pandemic. Vishal Prajapati has decided to donate a portion of the money he earns from selling his clothing label. Oxygen cylinders, food, financial assistance, and other forms of relief will be provided to people through this donation.

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The Indian social media and fashion influencer, Vishal Prajapati, is rapidly growing in popularity. As a fashion designer, he has the ability to merge aesthetics with passion. On Instagram, he has more than 761k followers. In fact, Vishal’s style was so appreciated that he finally started his own label brand in order to promote his style.

The content he produces is always perfect. In addition to being an inspiration, he also gives back to society in many ways. For him, no obstacle is too big: just the desire to deliver high-quality, high-value content.

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