CBI action against Manish Sisodia in the case of liquor policy disturbances
CBI action against Manish Sisodia in the case of liquor policy disturbances

The Central Investigation Agency has acted in the case of alterations to Delhi’s renowned alcohol policy. Deputy Delhi chief minister Manish Sisodia was searched by the CBI on Friday. In addition, the CBI searched 21 places in 7 states, including Arava Gopi Krishnana’s home, a former Excise Commissioner. CBI activity has been ongoing for the past five hours.

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The CBI’s action relates to the Delhi government’s excise policy. In reality, a CBI investigation was just suggested by Vinay Saxena, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Following the Chief Secretary’s report, LG VK Saxena made this decision. The involvement of Manish Sisodia in this study has also drawn criticism. Actually, Manish Sisodia is in charge of the Delhi excise department.

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Sanjay Singh, a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, described the CBI raid on Manish Sisodia’s home as a political plot. He claimed that the goal was to undermine Arvind Kejriwal’s standing rather than to examine the alcohol policy. Narendra Modi‘s true self has now been exposed. He disapproves of BJP Delhi’s approach to education.

Why is Kejriwal’s liquor policy in question?

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Several claims have been made regarding the new excise duty. This is also said to have given liquor licence holders an unfair edge. When issuing licences, the regulations were broken. Rs 144 crore in liquor contractors’ fees were waived after the tender. According to the report, licence costs were waived through this scheme under the guise of Corona. Benefits were provided to liquor dealers in exchange for bribes. The new excise policy, which was introduced with the intention of helping the liquor sellers, is said to have resulted in a significant loss of revenue.

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