Central government withdrew 3 new agricultural laws
Central government withdrew 3 new agricultural laws

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, made an important announcement today regarding farmers. During his speech, PM Modi announced that all three agricultural laws would be withdrawn. In addition, the farmer protesting this issue was urged to go home.

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The Prime Minister began his speech by discussing farmers. You need to return home and get involved in farming, said the Prime Minister to the agitating farmers.

The government bought records

Narendra Modi said three agricultural laws were introduced in the country as part of this great campaign to improve the condition of farmers. The goal was to give more power to the country’s farmers, especially to the small ones. In addition, they should be able to sell their products more easily and at a better price. We have increased the MSP as well as established a record number of government procurement centers. Government procurement of produce has broken records over the past few decades. In return for their hard work, the farmers also got the right prices for their products.

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PM Modi Said – I am sorry….

The PM apologized for not being able to explain the three agricultural laws in his address. Due to this, the central government retracted all three laws. Many farmers’ organizations have welcomed and supported the initiative, the Prime Minister said earlier. Today, I am very thankful to all of them. Farmers, agricultural experts, and farmers’ organizations in the country have been making this demand for years. Several governments had brainstormed about this earlier as well. These laws were also brought to Parliament and discussed, and there was churning.

In his speech, Modi stated that he had seen the problems faced by farmers over the course of his life. We gave top priority to farmers’ welfare and agricultural development in 2014 when the country gave us the opportunity to serve as Pradhan Sevaks. We worked on seeds, insurance, markets, and savings because of the challenges that small farmers faced in this country. The government also provided farmers with facilities such as neem-coated urea, soil health cards, and micro-irrigation in addition to good quality seeds. As a result of their hard work, the farmers were also able to obtain the right price for their products.

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Farmer’s organization protests continue

A number of farmer organizations have been petitioning to have these three laws withdrawn for a long time. Farmers’ organizations that agitated for Modi’s announcement to withdraw the Agriculture Act have welcomed it.

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