5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Wedding Lehenga
5 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Wedding Lehenga

Weddings are a ritual that represents the most important day of lives for both the bride and groom. When such a scenario is present, girls decorate a lot and try to look their best. If you find yourself in such a situation, you must choose the right Wedding Lehenga.

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If you are unsure about buying a lehenga for your wedding, then remember that along with the latest design, consider whether it will go well with your height, weight, and skin tone. Before buying a wedding lehenga, keep these 5 important things in mind and consider whether you are making the right choice.

Keep these 5 things in mind while buying a wedding lehenga

1.) For a slim body

If you have a slim figure and a height of more than five feet, you can buy a wedding lehenga with a lot of circumferences. Your figure and height will be balanced with a lehenga with girth. You can also choose a large print or patchwork design.

2.) For curvy figure

When you have a normal height and curvy figure, you should choose a fish-cut lehenga for the wedding. Your height will appear shorter if you wear a voluminous lehenga. You can also wear straight-cut lehengas. The shape of the lehenga will go well with your personality.

3.) Take good care of the fabric

If your height is above average, you should choose a Banarasi or net wedding lehenga with a good girth. Nevertheless, if you are short in length, you should buy a lehenga made from crepe or georgette fabric. This will balance out your height.

4.) Take special care at the border

If you are short, then keep in mind that lehengas do not have wide borders. Buy a slim or non-bordered lehenga. Try to choose lehengas with as little printing as possible. Your height will be displayed as tall. If you are taller, you should opt for a wedding lehenga with a wider border.

5.) Choose colors like this

For fair complexions, choose a lighter or darker color lehenga. Dark-colored lehengas are appropriate for people with dark complexions. People with dusky complexions look good in bright colors.

Is your dream wedding lehenga calling to you? Many brides’ most memorable wedding planning experience is selecting their wedding outfits. As it has been told about 5 important things to choose a wedding lehenga so that you can easily choose a beautiful wedding lehenga.

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