China's lockdown caused essential things to cease
China's lockdown caused essential things to cease

A strict lockdown has been implemented in China to combat Coronavirus. Many Chinese are struggling to meet their basic needs because of the government’s heavy-handed attitude. According to HK Post, two years have passed since the covid outbreak was exposed. The Chinese government fails to provide essential items to its citizens. Nevertheless, it imposes strict restrictions in violation of their human rights.

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The case of Shiyan has been in the spotlight since December 23 of last year, when it was placed under staunch lockdown. There have been reports of severe food shortages and supply problems in the city of Shiyan, home to 13 million people. As well as this, there has been informed about the problems faced by serious patients. People have complained online that they were starving to death after eating a bowl of oatmeal on one day. A Chinese official acknowledged that there are problems with the supply of essentials.

In the HK report, people expressed on social media that their house had run out of food, but they couldn’t leave. Over 1.1 million people have been prevented from leaving their homes for months. It is the biggest lockdown imposed after Wuhan, which affected 1.3 crore people. In the same way as Wuhan, Shiyan is feeling the brunt of China’s political system and meeting its zero-covid policy targets. One Chinese user said that no one cared if you lived or died.

Hainan, Gushi province, reported two cases: one with symptoms, one with no symptoms. Despite the large population of this city, nobody can leave it. Xuchang is also under lockdown, where 1 million people are under lockdown in Yuzhou city.

58 Corona cases have been reported in Anyang, and 1.4 crore people have been blocked from moving around Tianjin following 21 Corona cases. The authorities have reportedly imposed curfews in these cities. Online ordering of food is not possible.

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