Sreenath K Coolie From Kerala Cracks UPSC
Sreenath K Coolie From Kerala Cracks UPSC

Due to a variety of reasons, the Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Services exam is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. In his quest to pass the IAS exam, Sreenath K., a Coolie from Kerala, only studied and used free Wi-Fi at the railway station to get through.

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Due to the fact he was the only earning member of his family, Sreenath K. knew the value of hard work and dedication to making ends meet. After realizing that his earnings were not enough to cover the living expenses, he started studying for UPSC Civil Services in 2018. Kerala’s Munnar is his hometown.

Seeing how motivated he became, he began working double shifts as a Coolie every day. Although his earnings improved, it did not suffice. His thoughts turned to attempt the IAS exam at that point. People are also required to take tuition/classes for the UPSC Civil Service exam.

Sreenath K. Success Story

The salary of Sreenath was not sufficient for him to hire a tutor, so he used a smartphone and the free internet access available at the Railway station instead. Online classes allowed Sreenath to avoid any unnecessary expenditures. Thus, he was able to pass the KPSC exam first.

Dreams and aspirations were important to Sreenath K. Even after three failed attempts at the UPSC Civil Services exam, he did not give up. As he prepared and clarified his concepts, he continued to prepare. As a Coolie while attempting the IAS exam, he became more confident and eventually cleared it in his 4th attempt. The fact that he is a young father and a common person with dreams makes him an inspiration to many. By clearing the UPSC exam, Sreenath K. converted his own dreams into reality.

Today, Shrinath K has emerged as a great example for the youth, and this story teaches us all to dream and make them come true.

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