Chiyaan Vikram Cobra broke box office collection
Chiyaan Vikram Cobra broke box office collection

The news that most movies are loosing money at the box office has been making headlines for a while. There have been some South Asian films that have performed well at the box office in the past. But when it comes to the film’s box office debut, in particular, you will be astounded to learn about the smokey performance given by South Superstar Chiyaan Vikram‘s “Cobra.”

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In the movie, which was directed by Ajay Gannamuthu, Srinidhi Shetty shares the female lead role with Chiyaan Vikram. In the year’s movie calendar, it was one of the most anticipated. Released on August 31. Vikram’s three-year absence from the big screen was likewise welcomed with great enthusiasm.

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Action-thriller film ‘Cobra’

He portrayed the part of a math professor and a killer in Vikram’s action-thriller movie “Cobra.” This movie will make “Liger” by Vijay Deverakonda even worse. In a similar vein, his movie has suffered from the boycott craze and has been dubbed a failure.

Cobra’s banging opening

‘Cobra’s’ debut has been more powerful than anticipated. Tamil Nadu alone grossed Rs 12 crore on the film’s first day of release, according to sources. The movie’s opening has now surpassed all others in Vikram’s career.

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Chiyaan Vikram’s Cobra movie review

The performance of “Cobra” is likely to significantly rock the box office at a time when movies are struggling to make even one crore on their first day of release. In addition to Tamil Nadu, reports claim that Kerala saw “Cobra” earn Rs 1.25 crore on its opening day. Making progress in Malayalam is a topic that is also discussed. In those theatres, it is currently the most popular story.

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