the edit feature is going to be available soon in twitter
the edit feature is going to be available soon in twitter

The most information regarding the microblogging website Twitter to date. You may now modify your tweets after you send them, much like on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter has begun testing the “Edit Button” for its users in response to this.

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Initial access will be limited to verified accounts

Only verified users will initially be able to alter the tweet, though. Let us inform you that for a very long time, users have been pleading for the tweet to be edited.

Edit feature testing begins

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The microblogging platform is currently testing edit capabilities. The organization has stated that if you notice an edit button on your account, it is being tested.

Tweets can be modified for thirty minutes

After a tweet is posted, it can be modified for up to 30 minutes. It will be obvious that the tweet has been changed when you view it. Older tweets will also be available in the history, which includes the tweet’s edit history. By doing this, the user will make it evident to other users that his original tweet has been edited.

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