CM Yogi strict against corruption in UP
CM Yogi strict against corruption in UP

Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of UP, is taking a hard stance against corruption. In the most recent instance, the Yogi administration in Lucknow suspended 5 officers. Manoj Gupta, the chief engineer and head of the PWD, is also one of the officers implicated. This course of action has been taken as a result of the department’s inconsistent transfer policies. This action followed that taken on Anil Kumar Pandey, the OSD for PWD Minister Jitin Prasad, on July 18.

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Please be informed that many senior department personnel was expected to face punishment following Minister Jitin Prasad’s Monday action against OSD AK Pandey. It was on Tuesday that the Chief Minister received a complaint regarding the Chief Engineer (Design & Planning) and Head of Department Manoj Kumar Gupta. As per the Chief Minister’s orders, both of them have been suspended.

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In addition, Staff Officer Shailendra Yadav was accused of continuing to work here and forward the transfer files even after being moved, according to the charges. This led to him being suspended as well. Sanjay Chaurasia, a principal assistant, and administrative officer Pankaj Dixit both received suspension orders on the same day.

CM Yogi gave advice to ministers

Following the exposure of this issue, CM Yogi has also counseled his ministers. They shouldn’t blindly believe in their staff, CM Yogi advised. The Yogi Adityanath office tweeted information about this. Yogi advised the minister to monitor his staff’s activities. Keep an eye on your staff’s and your office’s actions. Let us inform you that rumors are circulating that the state ministers for Jal Shakti, Dinesh Khatik, and Jitin Prasad are upset within the Yogi government. However, they have not yet made such a move, which has escalated the Yogi government’s level of worry.

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