Corona return after 2 years in North Korea
Corona return after 2 years in North Korea

Global outcry has been stirred up by the Corona epidemic. This outbreak has now reached North Korea. It has been reported that a corona case has been found in North Korea.

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At the time when Corona was terrorizing the world, there was not one single case in North Korea, but in the aftermath, the war against the outbreak intensified and prescription medicines were dispersed throughout the world, according to the local media. Within a few days, the first case was reported in this country. Following the first case, Kim Jong Un declared an emergency.

According to the local press, Kim Jong Un has ordered aggressive action against this epidemic. Kim Jong Un states that he would like to eliminate this infection entirely. He also ordered a strict lockdown in addition to declaring an emergency.

No vaccination in North Korea

After this Corona epidemic swept the world, a vaccination campaign was started and all people were vaccinated; however, North Korea has not vaccinated its people. The Corona Omicron BA.2 subvariant has been detected in North Korea. The number of people affected has not yet been revealed. North Korea stated in a report that the biggest crisis in the country has arisen since our Emergency Quarantine Front was breached. Since February 2020, the country has been free of epidemics.

was banned from entering the country

Covid-19 has not yet been reported in North Korea, as North Korea had previously claimed. For almost two years following the Coronavirus outbreak, all its borders were closed and no traders or tourists were allowed into the country. Already facing US sanctions for its nuclear arms and missile programs, the economy of the country was further weakened by the Corona virus-related sanctions.

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