Sunil Shetty said this in Mahesh Babu's statement
Sunil Shetty said this in Mahesh Babu's statement

Bollywood vs South Controversy: As a result of Mahesh Babu‘s statement, the conflict between South Cinema and Bollywood seems not to be over. People are joining in this controversy one by one. Suniel Shetty, Bollywood’s fit man, has also recently been added to this battle between Hindi cinema and South cinema. The actor has given his opinion on the entire situation.

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Mahesh Babu has actually said that he does not want to waste his time on Bollywood; Bollywood cannot afford him. The actors Kicha Sudeep and Ajay Devgan had been feuding on social media. Not only this, many celebs including Ram Gopal Varma, Sonu Sood, and Sonu Nigam have given their opinion on this controversy.

South actors started making verbiage about Bollywood after some South films became big hits in India and around the world, and have been telling themselves better about Bollywood since then.

Sunil said in a conversation during an interview, “kuchh bhee kaho, baap, baap hota hai”. Suniel Shetty recently told an audience that social media is the cause of the ongoing conflict between Bollywood and the South. The conflict was created on social media. Language is not an issue when we watch our films on OTT platforms since we are Indians. The content is what matters.

Though I’m from the South, I’m a Mumbaikar because my working place is in Mumbai. It appears the audience is letting you decide which film they ought to watch, and which one they ought not to.

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