Corona virus cases increased again in China
Corona virus cases increased again in China

Cases of the corona virus are still being reported in China. According to official data released on Thursday, the number of daily cases of Covid in the nation has risen to its highest level since the pandemic’s inception.

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On Wednesday, China reported 31,454 new cases, of which 27,517 were asymptomatic. With 1.4 billion people, China has a tiny population, but despite this, there is panic in China. 26,824 cases were reported on November 20, which is four days ago. Note that 29,390 new cases were registered in China in April of this year, but Wednesday’s data also exceeded this number.

People protested China’s strict zero covid policy

In China, a strict “zero covid” policy is in effect. A lockdown has been imposed in China to prevent Corona from spreading, extensive testing has been conducted, and travel restrictions have been imposed. As the Corona case approaches its third year, restrictions and stringent limits in China have worn individuals out and infuriated them one after another.

Due to the tight Covid regulations, including the lockdown and the wage dispute, there has been a lot of unrest in Zhongzhou. The police officers and the workers here also got into a fight.

Chinese iPhone factory workers beaten during protests

However, under constraints brought on by the coronavirus, employees at the largest Apple iPhone manufacturer in the world, located in China, were assaulted and arrested over a contract dispute. This is evident in several of the videos that were uploaded on social media on Wednesday, and eyewitnesses also confirmed this.

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