Corona's case continues to decline in India
Corona's case continues to decline in India

Corona India Updates: In India, the third wave of Covid-19 has nearly ended. The number of new cases continues to decline. A total of 4,26,65,534 cases of Coronavirus infections have been reported since Monday, bringing the total to 4,26,113. There are now fewer than five lakh active patients after about 37 days.

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For an eighth consecutive day, Covid-19 cases are less than one lakh, according to data from the Union Health Ministry. A total of 5,09,011 deaths have resulted from this disease, an increase of 346. Approximately 1.12 percent of all infection cases are under treatment, according to the ministry. 97.68 percent of the nation has recovered from Covid-19. As of the end of the last day, there were 58,163 fewer patients receiving treatment for Covid-19.

According to statistics, the rate of infection daily is 3.19 percent. The weekly infection rate was 3.99 percent. Approximately 4,16,77,641 people have recovered from this disease. The mortality rate was recorded as 1.19 percent. More than 172.95 crore doses have been administered so far in the nationwide anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

In Kerala, there were also fewer new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday, and a total of 11,136 new cases were confirmed while 146 deaths were reported. A bulletin by the Health Department of Kerala reports that the number of Coronavirus infections in the state has increased to 64,07,383 with new cases, out of which 62,199 people have died. There were 11 deaths in the past 24 hours; 58 deaths occurred but were not recorded because they lacked documents.

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