Indian Government bans 50 more 'Chinese' apps
Indian Government bans 50 more 'Chinese' apps

It was reported that the Indian government has banned 50 more smartphone apps that are potential of Chinese origin. In response to government orders, it has removed 54 Chinese apps from its Play Store and blocked their access. The company has issued a statement stating ‘Following the interim court order passed under Section 69A of the IT Act, we have blocked these apps on Google Play Store in India’. Google made this statement following a report by ET Now.

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A report by ET Now, citing sources in the government, mentions the ban of the app. After banning 270 Chinese apps in the year 2020, this is the government’s first batch of banned 50 apps in 2022.

Google Play Store and Apple App Store listings for Garena Free Fire have already disappeared, and it seems that the game is now on the database of banned apps in India.

Please be aware that we are still awaiting official confirmation from the game’s distributor, Garena International. Apple and Google have not yet made any statement about the game disappearing.

320 apps banned!

There has been very little information released about the complete list of banned apps. It was reported by ET Now that most of the apps on the new list of banned ones have already existed in India since 2020. A total of 320 apps might be banned by the government of India after adding 50 more banned apps.

A number of popular apps, including Tiktok and PUBG Mobile, were banned by the Government of India earlier this year. Although PUBG Mobile has made a comeback in India, Crafton has set up a new office and broken ties with its Chinese partner, but TikTok remains banned in the country.

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