Corona's third wave may peak by February 3 from Omicron
Corona's third wave may peak by February 3 from Omicron

Coronavirus cases are steadily increasing around the world. In some countries, like Britain, new Corona cases are breaking records. New cases of the new variant of the Coronavirus, Omicron, are also increasing in India, which has raised concerns.

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The third wave of Coronavirus is also being speculated about by experts in India. Additionally, researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur conducted a study. According to him, the Omicron variant may bring the third wave of Coronavirus into the country. Additionally, they claim that by February 3, it may reach its peak in the country.

IIT researchers have used a statistical tool called the Gaussian Mixer Model to estimate the third wave of Covid in India. In a report published by the preprint server MedRxiv, the authors state that given the existing trend of coronas across the globe, this model is expected to begin the third wave of coronas in India by mid-December year. Early February may also be a peak time.

Based on the first and second Coronavirus outbreaks in India and the current cases of Omicron in other countries, researchers have estimated a third wave could occur in India. In early December, IIT scientists predicted the third wave of the corona.

Manindra Agarwal, a scientist at the Indian Institute of Technology involved in the mathematical estimate of Coronavirus-19, predicted in early December that the third wave of Coronavirus cases may peak in late February when the number exceeds one lakh per day. The number of reported cases may reach 1.5 lakh.

Based on our current estimation with the new variants, the third wave will likely hit our country in February, but it will be a lighter one than the second. According to our observations, Omicron’s severity of infection differs significantly from that of the delta variant.

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