How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 4 Easy Steps
How to Start a Blog and Make Money in 4 Easy Steps

Are you thinking of blogging for the first time and have no experience with it? Are you interested in learning how to make money by blogging as a beginner? Your search for information regarding it is over now, as you have reached the right page.

It’s easy to start a blog. WordPress, Wix, and Blogspot blogs are easy to set up in a few minutes. The three steps to setting up your website are choosing a domain, hosting on a reliable platform, and installing a template. As a start-up, it can be challenging to drive traffic to your blog and earn money from it. This tutorial is for you if you want to know, How to Start a Blog and Make Money by following these simple 4 steps.

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More than 600 million blogs have been created on the internet, and the number is growing every day. Industry experts, who started their career with Affiliate Marketing and have become entrepreneurs today. Because of the fierce competition online, it is very difficult to build an online revenue-generating blog.

As a beginner, what should be the first steps to starting a blog?

Getting started with blogging can be a challenging task if you’re unfamiliar with how to do it. You should choose better hosting, select a domain for launching a blog since it gives you all the resources you need to run a tempting blog.

4 Important Ways to Make Money Through Blogging As A Beginner

Here are 4 proven ways to start a blog and start earning money

  1. Become a Freelancer

The fastest way to make money from blogging is by providing freelancing services. It is up to freelancers how frequently or how little they work. Clients and projects can be selected by you. Several options are available to you for working from home. Blogs or websites can be used to generate high-quality clients and leads. Although you can find freelancing gigs on platforms such as UpWork, Fiverr, etc., having your own blog will help you attract high-paying projects. It is important that your content is customized for your target audience. Your website should have a “Hire Me” section if you want to attract targeted leads.

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  1. Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

Blogging can be a lucrative source of income through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can start getting $300 in a month. The affiliate marketing program helps you earn commissions for each sale you make on a company’s products. You can earn as much as you like as most companies don’t limit affiliate commissions. Its biggest example is Amazon, Flipkart, and other companies, which give you the work of doing freelance affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn money while you sleep, which makes it a great way to earn passive income.

  1. Sell your own Products

You can create a personal brand through a blog, which is one of the biggest reasons to start one. Personal branding can enable you to sell your products. Here are some products you may want to consider selling on your blog: Digital products such as eBooks, SEO, Membership sites, video tutorials, online tools, software, blog themes, plugins, and online courses. Your products will be marketable the right way if you have an audience that you build by blogging.

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  1. Make money with Google AdSense

Blogs can make money from Google AdSense, one of the most popular advertising programs. In order to make more money from AdSense, you must optimize the process. You should also create responsive ads in order to increase your earnings from AdSense. Your AdSense income can be increased by increasing the amount of traffic you generate through search. In this way, you can determine which ads work best for your website so that you can increase revenue with Google AdSense.


Starting from the beginning, your main objective should always be to establish an audience. Make sure the niche you choose has enough potential and competition. Also, choose an effective monetization strategy for your blog to generate revenue. In this way, any of you can easily start blogging and earn money by following those 4 easy steps.

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