Desi Sanskari Version of Instagram’s New ‘Touch it’ Trend goes Viral
Desi Sanskari Version of Instagram’s New ‘Touch it’ Trend goes Viral

The Instagram platform has now become one of the most popular social networking sites. Streaming applications and social media are primarily how young people consume video content, and making the video-sharing platform a must-have.

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Instagram is awash with new Instagram Reel Trends every few days, featuring popular songs with catchy lyrics matched with upbeat dance moves. There has been a viral trend going around on Instagram, called the ‘Touch it‘ trend, In which blessings are taken by touching the feet of the elderly.

During the ‘Touch It‘ trend, all usually put a finger on their lips and bend over before showing off their steps, following the lyrics of the song Touch It by KiDi: “Shut up and bend over.” The trend took a desi turn on Instagram a few days ago.

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In an Instagram reel video uploaded by Ankita Mhatre, the ‘Touch it’ trend adopts desi and sanskari flair. Netizens were in splits with such relatable content and wittiness in Ankita’s video, which featured her grandparents and other family elders.

The reel shows the elders of Mhatre’s family, including parents and grandparents, lining up in front of him while the song ‘Touch it’ is playing in the background. A desi spin is put on the Western trend by asking the children to touch their feet in sync with the lyrics.

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In the family, the young members bend to touch the feet of the elders whenever the trend’s catchphrase is sung; due to which the catchphrase goes on the trend reflecting the desi and Indian tradition. Ankita Mhatre posted the video on Instagram a week ago, with the caption, “Bend it like Mhatre’s! Following the trend!”

A reel about the degenerate population of India has since been uploaded on Instagram. Many commenters appreciate the accuracy and hilarity of the clip. 2.86 lakh likes have been given to the video so far, and nearly 6.4 million views have been accumulated.

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