Without Android 11 your Samsung smartphone will have Android 11 Features
Without Android 11 your Samsung smartphone will have Android 11 Features

You heard it right, now your Samsung smartphone will have the features of Android 11 without Android 11, know-how. With every major release, Google makes Android more secure. With Android, you can set permissions for apps to protect your data.

Newer versions of the OS ask you whether an app should have access to resources such as a camera or location the first time you run it; managing your privacy is made easier.

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Android 11 features

The Android 11 operating system now automatically resets permissions for unused apps. On Samsung devices, which run on Android; unused apps are disabled so they don’t run in the background.

Although the permissions auto-reset feature has been exclusive to Android 11 devices all along. You will soon be able to use it on your Samsung phone even if you don’t use Android 11.

Samsung feature and more

Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above are eligible for Google services and apps. From December, unused apps will be able to have their permissions automatically reset.

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Apps targeting/supporting Android 11 will be able to use the feature. It is possible to manually enable the feature in device settings for older apps; that aren’t officially supported by Android 11, and only work with older versions of the operating system.

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