Ram Navami violence in 4 states
Ram Navami violence in 4 states

Ram Navami was celebrated across the nation with great pomp. Several parts of the country experienced violence during the processions held on this auspicious Ram Navami occasion. In Gujarat, Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh, a variety of violent incidents have been reported. As well as violent clashes in Gujarat at Himmatnagar and Anand, the processions were attacked in Madhya Pradesh at Barwani and Jharkhand at Lohardaga and West Bengal at South Howrah.

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Attack on procession in Gujarat –

The procession was being taken out for Ram Navami in the Chhapariya area of Himmatnagar in the Sabarkantha district when stones were thrown at it. As soon as the news of the incident reached Himatnagar police, a convoy reached the scene and tried to control the situation. Hismatnagar’s situation was controlled with tear gas shells by Gujarat police. Police vehicles were also damaged by miscreants.

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The other day, during the procession of Ram Navami, stone-pelting took place in Shakarpur village near Khambhat in the Anand district of Gujarat, which caused quite a sensation. An arson began when tensions escalated. Many houses and shops were set ablaze during this period. The police are on the scene and trying to control the situation.

Attack on procession in West Bengal –

As part of the Ram Navami procession in South Howrah, West Bengal, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad was marching towards Howrah Ramakrishnapur Ghat on this auspicious occasion. Meanwhile, some people attacked this procession near the PM Basti area under Shivpur police station in Howrah. Information about the incident has led to the deployment of large numbers of police.

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Arson in Jharkhand –

A fair in Hirahi-Hendlaso-Kujra village in Lohardaga, Jharkhand, which was taking place on Ram Navami, has seen violence and arson. A certain community pelted stones at participants in the Ram Navami procession, and after they reached the fair, about ten motorcycles and a pickup truck were set on fire. Stones were thrown at the procession by those taking part. Three incidents have been reported resulting in four injuries. Several police forces are deployed at the scene.

Stone pelting in Madhya Pradesh –

Ram Navami was celebrated in Sendhwa in the Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh when two sides faced heavy stone-pelting. The incident occurred on Jhogwara Road in Sendhwa City. Baldev Mujalde, the head of the Sendhwa city police station, was injured during this stone-pelting. A motorcycle was set ablaze by miscreants. In addition, 2 to 3 religious sites were vandalized. A police force, including SP Barwani, Collector is deployed in the city after this incident.

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