E-vehicles will run in Kolkata by 2030
E-vehicles will run in Kolkata by 2030

Around the world, climate change is still a hot topic of debate and concern. As a result, efforts are being made in West Bengal to cope with the natural challenge. Several cities in the state have been working on becoming eco-friendly green cities for many years.

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Recently, state transportation minister Firhad Hakim also spoke about this issue. Globally, many countries are considering creating eco-friendly green cities.

Kolkata, Bidhannagar, Rajarhat, and New Town are being made more eco-friendly by the government of West Bengal. In his speech, Hakim said that by 2030, Kolkata’s vehicles will only be CNG and electric.

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He had said in 2011, “The state has prepared a new plan to build a smart, green city.” The city has already installed underground metros and trams that are environmentally friendly. In the near future, we will introduce electric buses and high-speed vehicles.

A total of 300 public buses have already been converted to CNG in Kolkata, he said. In the near future, there will be more than 1,000 CNG buses. Green City has already been identified as the New Town of the State.

Furthermore, the state government has been making significant efforts to make the entire New Town a better place to live in terms of the environment. It is equipped with solar panels, separate cycle tracks, bicycle-sharing systems, green buildings, and electric charging stations.

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CESC will help prepare electric charging stations at different sites in Kolkata, where electric vehicles can be charged in the coming days. The West Bengal government plans to use Kolkata and New Town as model cities for other localities in the coming days, according to Hakim.

Future plans for the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) include providing this state with all the support it needs.

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