Raju Jangid Hindi Wikipedia contributor
Raju Jangid Hindi Wikipedia contributor

Even if a person does not have many opportunities in life, determination, hard work, and passion for anything can lead to great heights. Raju Jangid, a carpenter, proved this quite correctly. Born on 8 May 1998 in Thadiya Village, Jodhpur, Raju Jangid is recognized as a famous Indian Hindi Wikipedia editor and sports writer.

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An editor at Wikipedia, he loves his mother tongue Hindi, which he learned in a small village in the Jodhpur district. Over 1800 articles have been written for the website, and 57,000 have been edited. Despite owning only a simple mobile phone with both English and Hindi letters, he managed to complete all of these tasks.

How Raju Jangid became a Hindi Wikipedia Contributor

“Since the Wikipedia website in Hindi was devoid of anything useful about my village, I tried these articles on Wikipedia” Raju Jangid said. In Class 12, Raju dropped out of school. His first Wikipedia article appeared in 2015, while he was also preparing for his BA exams.

The turning point in Raju’s life

Raju left for Pune after Class 10, where he became a carpenter. His first job was as a carpenter for a while when he began writing for Wikipedia. During one of Wikipedia’s conventions in 2016, Raju’s work was acknowledged and he received a laptop and a free internet connection. He hasn’t looked back since then. Many Wikipedia conferences have been attended by Raju Jangid across the country.

As a content curator and editor, Raju Jangid has been working to make sure that Hindi-speaking users can find what they are looking for on the website. Currently, Wikipedia has approximately 1.5 lakh Hindi pages and he hopes to increase that number even further, considering the millions of people who speak the language.

Additionally, Raju contributed to SWASTHA – Providing crucial information on COVID-19 in Hindi as part of the Special Wikipedia Awareness Scheme For Healthcare Affiliates.

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