ED summons Sonia Gandhi for 3rd round of questioning
ED summons Sonia Gandhi for 3rd round of questioning

Sonia Gandhi, the interim president of the Congress, is now being questioned by the Directorate of Enforcement about money laundering connected to National Herald Case. In this incident, the ED questioned Sonia Gandhi, the interim leader of the Congress, once more on Tuesday.

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ED summons Sonia Gandhi for 3rd round of questioning

The source indicates that Sonia Gandhi was questioned by the investigation team on Tuesday for six hours. The Tuesday interview, however, did not satisfy the ED. On the third day, Sonia Gandhi will be questioned by the ED. Sonia Gandhi, the interim leader of the Congress, will have to go before the ED on Wednesday for the third time in this incident.

The ED questioned Sonia Gandhi for almost two hours on July 21

Sonia Gandhi had already been questioned by the ED in the National Herald money laundering case on July 21. During which Sonia Gandhi was questioned by ED for 2.5 hours. In actuality, Sonia Gandhi received the first notification from the ED to appear for questioning in the first week of June. which he was asked about on June 8th. But around this time, Sonia Gandhi contracted the Coronavirus. She was not undergo questioning as a result.

Between June 13 and June 20, the ED interrogated Rahul Gandhi in four stages. Sonia Gandhi was also called to attend on June 23 at the same time. But. Sonia Gandhi was hospitalized during this time due to a serious infection. This was the first time the ED talked to him about it on July 21.

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Congress’s continued protest against questioning

Workers for the Congress party persisted in protesting Sonia Gandhi’s questioning by the ED. Workers for Congress went on the streets and charged the federal government with misusing its investigative agencies. During the protests on Tuesday, dozens of Congress members were detained, including Rahul Gandhi. those who were confined at the detention facility the Delhi Police established up at Kingsway Camp. The video of Youth Congress leader Srinivas yanking Biwi by the hair also went viral at the same time.

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