Electricity crisis shadowed in Pakistan
Electricity crisis shadowed in Pakistan

People in various places, notably Karachi, openly expressed their discontent and staged protests in response to Pakistan‘s ever-rising electricity prices. On Thursday, there were widespread protests about increased electricity prices in Karachi, with protesters storming the K-Electric office in the Korangi district.

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The demonstrators, according to the news agency ANI, demonstrated throughout Karachi’s neighborhoods and reportedly damaged the office’s furniture. People in several areas of Karachi city have been forced to go to the streets due to rising electricity costs and protracted power outages. Many demonstrators who were outraged by the increase in electricity costs halted traffic on the roadways by erecting barriers and setting tyres on fire. These consumers claim that the higher electricity prices are out of their price range.

On Monday, protests against Pakistan’s escalating electricity tariffs took place all throughout Peshawar. People had gathered in front of the Electric Supply Company’s office to demonstrate their disapproval. A power shortage persists in Pakistan. Prime Minister Shahbaz stated last month that the federal government was making every effort to restart the power plants that had stalled in order to resolve the severe energy crisis the nation was now experiencing.

The problem in Pakistan has gotten worse due to the country’s increasing reliance on LNG for electricity generation. Pakistan is having trouble covering the expense of importing LNG from outside due to the steep decline in its foreign exchange reserves. Pakistan and Qatar have already signed two significant long-term supply agreements for LNG. The first transaction was completed in 2016; the second, in 2021. In spite of this, it is difficult to meet the country’s need for electricity.

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