Hanuman teaser released
Hanuman teaser released

It definitely doesn’t need to be mentioned how popular South Asian films are among Hindi-speaking audiences. Because of South Asian films, the public has begun to recognize the shortcomings of Bollywood productions. When the promo for the South Indian movie “Hanuman” was aired, something similar was recently witnessed. People have targeted Prabhas’ forthcoming movie “Adipurush” after seeing this.

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‘Hanuman’ teaser was praised by the public

The audience is enjoying the teaser for the upcoming movie “Hanuman,” starring South actor Prashanth Verma. People are fervently appreciating “Hanuman” for everything from the BGM to the VFX. In this movie, Teja Sajja is portrayed as the title character. Fans’ senses are being completely blown away by the teaser’s stunning sights and intense action. The powerful Veer Hanuman, a follower of Lord Shriram, is the subject of the movie.

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‘Hanuman’ vs ‘Adipurush’ sparked on the internet

Remind everyone that the “Adipurush” teaser, which was released in October, fell short of the public’s expectations. On the other side, since the teaser for Hanuman has been published, people have compared the VFX in the teasers of the two movies. Internet fans claim that Hanuman’s visual effects are a thousand times superior to Prabhas’s “Adipurush.” And for this, people are seen criticizing it on social media, in which Hanuman’s teaser is being told better.

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