India's first case of Omicron new variant XE found in mumbai
India's first case of Omicron new variant XE found in mumbai

A new form of Covid-19 from Omicron was detected in Mumbai for the first time. In this report, the first Omicron XE variant is described. Additionally, a case has been found for the Kappa variant of Omicron. Tests were conducted on 376 samples. More than 230 of them belong to Mumbai residents. This variant, however, does not cause any severe symptoms in patients.

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Mumbai had 230 patients, 21 of whom were hospitalized.No hospitalization was required for patients who received only one dose of the vaccine. Nine people who took both vaccine doses were hospitalized. A total of 12 patients without vaccine doses were hospitalized. The 21 hospitalized patients did not require oxygen or intensive care.

A recent report by the World Health Organization suggests that the XE variant of Corona is the most infectious. The XE mutation results from the recombination of BA’1 and BA.2. Recombinant mutations occur when patients are infected with variations of the Corona virus.

Omicron’s subvariant BA.2 has a 10 percent higher infectious ability than the new variant XE, according to the World Health Organization. WHO said early estimates indicate it is 10 percent more infectious than BA.2. This, however, requires further verification.

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