Fast and Furious franchise
Fast and Furious franchise

Justin Lin, director of Fast and Furious 9, wishes the franchise continued beyond Fast and Furious 11. It is believed that Lin is the godfather of the franchise, having directed five movies in it.

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Considering, all things considered, he is set to direct the final two films in the series, which are expected to be released several years from now. The Fast and Furious franchise is heading into the home entertainment arena with the release of Fast and Furious 9. We talked with Justin Lin on the Future of the Fast and Furious franchise and F9.

The interviewer explained to Lin that he has had multiple conversations about characters with his actors and that there will be ample room for storytelling in the upcoming streaming landscape even after the main series concludes. Read what Lin said below:

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Well, obviously things have shifted and they change. And obviously, you think about TV, it’s streaming. Streaming, there’s all these different mediums. One of the things I enjoy most about making these films is the element of talking to the actors about their characters and their journey, because our cast and our world has become so big. And I can tell you 80% of our conversation, you don’t see on screen.

There is a possibility that the main story will take place in a nearby city in Fast and Furious 11, so fans should check back in the future to learn more.

Lin clearly wants to be involved with whatever the next chapter on the series will be, whether it’s more Hobbs and Shaw films, villain-centered projects like the Cipher project reportedly in development, or smaller stories told via streaming services. On September 21, F9 will also be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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