Influencer Esha Jhanji
Influencer Esha Jhanji

Social media enthusiast and blogger Esha Jhanji is a successful influencer; whose captivating photos increased their presence on Instagram. She was able to achieve her dreams through hard work and determination.

Growing up as a big fan of Bollywood, she has always dreamt of becoming an actress. She has more than 752k followers on her Instagram Profile.

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Esha Jhanji Journey

Esha explains, “I was a simple girl from Punjab with big dreams about Bollywood in my eyes as a young girl. My goal was to be someone my family could look up to. Acting clubs and school plays have always been my favorite activities.

My love for acting grew over time and I decided to follow my heart by creating videos that followed the trends in transition videos to establish my individuality.”

There are fan pages of Esha’s name, one day she noticed. It made her happy and emotional to see how much love she receives online. In realizing that her dreams are coming closer, the talented actress is now being noticed for her skills and talent.

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Esha Jhanji Dream

Esha sometimes feels dejected and has no motivation to do anything. Everybody has such moments in their lives. Keeping herself motivated in such challenging times would be tricky, but how does she do it? Esha Jhanji replies, “I don’t force myself to do anything I don’t want to. If you aren’t in the right mood to do something, take a break.

Esha Jhanji believes that one should not beat themselves up to achieve one’s dreams. Life is full of failures, so we should embrace them and learn from them. Her positive attitude and sweet personality are well-liked on social media.

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