Google and Facebook accounts are at risk due to this virus
Google and Facebook accounts are at risk due to this virus

A new malware called Electron Bot has been discovered. It may affect your social media accounts. A report claims that the Electron Bot malware has access to your Facebook and Google accounts.

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Check Point Research has reported on this. This malware is described in detail in the report. In addition to Temple Run and Subway Surfer clones, malware has also been seen in similar games.

An attacker can easily access your digital life if they believe your device is infected with this malware. The problem has affected 5000 devices, according to reports.

In addition to gaining control of your system, this malware accesses your social media accounts on Facebook and Google. New accounts can be created by this malware. By logging in, it can also like and comment on other posts.

An app in the Microsoft Store has been found to contain this malware. Microsoft has been informed about this malware by Check Point Research. This malware was also found in the Album by Google Photos app, according to the report. Google LLC claims to have published the document.

In most cases, people are forbidden from downloading apps from unknown software or sources. In this case, however, Microsoft Store is a credible source. Because of this, if malware reaches, then people will trust it and infect their system knowingly or unknowingly. The same thing happened with Electron Bot. You can avoid this by deleting these apps from your device and avoiding downloading them.

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