Google Meet new features will make your life easier
Google Meet new features will make your life easier

This information we have today is specifically for you guys if you also use Google Meet. The Google Meet platform has just been updated with a new feature. It is stated that this function will allow users to mute and unmute themselves with the spacebar. With the addition of this capability, customers will find Google Meet to be more user-friendly.

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IANS reports that the addition of this capability would make it even simpler for users to participate in meetings because they will be able to maintain their points simply by pressing the spacebar while muting their microphones.

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Google claims that this function will assist users and that people would be able to mute themselves by simply pressing the spacebar. It frequently happens that we forget to mute ourselves again after unmuting ourselves.

For your knowledge, we would like to let you know that although this feature is disabled by default, you can turn it on or enable it by visiting the Google Meet settings.

In addition, Google claims that the business can modify the Hey Google Voice Control feature that is applicable to Google Meet hardware devices. After this update, Google Assistant will only turn on when there are 10 minutes left until the next meeting or when your device is not in a meeting.

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