ICICI Bank cuts FD interest rate
ICICI Bank cuts FD interest rate

A rate cut on ICICI Bank‘s fixed deposits was announced on Wednesday. The bank has cut 5 basis points for various time periods. The interest rate on fixed deposits above Rs 2 crore but less than Rs 5 crore has been revised.

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SBI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, and Bank of Baroda are among the major private banks that have revised FD rates this year. ICICI Bank’s FD rates will be cut for the first time for the financial year FY23. Effective April 6, 2022, the new rates will be in place.

New rates

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There has been a deduction of 5 basis points on FDs with a tenure of more than 1 year. On tenures from 1 year to 389 days and 390 days to less than 15 months, ICICI Bank will offer a 4.15% interest rate. Earlier the rates here were 4.20%.

The bank is offering 4.20 per cent interest on tenures of more than 15 months and less than 18 months, which was 4.25 per cent earlier. On the tenure of 18 months to 2 years, instead of 4.35 percent, 4.30 percent interest will be given. On the tenure of 2 years to 3 years, 4.50 percent interest will be available instead of 4.55 percent. The revision rate from 3 years to the maximum 10 years is 4.60 percent, which was 4.65 percent earlier. Both the general and senior citizen categories will be affected by this new rate.

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No change here

On FDs for less than one year, the interest rate remains unchanged. Each tenure is offered at 2.50% interest rate every 7 to 14 days, 15 to 29 days, while 30 to 45 days and 46 to 60 days are offered at 2.75% interest. Between 61 and 90 days, the rate is 3%.

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Furthermore, the interest rate for terms ranging from 91 to 184 days is 3.35%. Between 185 and 270 days, the remaining 3.60% is given. For terms less than a year, an interest rate of 3.70% is offered every 271 days. New fixed deposits and renewals of existing fixed deposits will be subject to the revised rates.

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