How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro
How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Pandemic-induced lockdowns have shown us that there is no age limit for learning. Making your own makeup can be a fun activity that you can perfect with practice. As a new makeup artist, there is no need for concern, as, unlike other skills, it is easy to re-do the process if you make a mistake.

Elton Steve Vessoaker, the brand director for the Jean Claude Olivier headquarters in India, believes this is the best part of makeup — that it is not permanent. He says, “My recommendation is to just learn the right tips and tricks so you can do makeup on your own without having to seek professional help.”

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How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Everybody wants to look their best. BB creams, which are tinted moisturizers, can help achieve the perfect appearance. There is no need to apply any makeup, but if you want more coverage, you can dab a little concealer on your problem areas and blend.

Additionally, tints for the skin should be used. This cream-based blush can be applied with your fingers to the apples of your cheeks to create a blushed look or be used as a bronzer to create a sun-kissed look. The eye area is also treated with it.

If you use a Kohl or colorful eye pencil, your eyes will be defined and colored. A smokey finish can be achieved by smudging with your fingers. If you’re going out or having a romantic dinner, wear blue or grey.

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Make sure you leave the house with lots of mascara. It is important to make a statement with your lashes whenever you step into any room.

Lipsticks today come with long-lasting wands that enable easy application and prevent smudging.

The application and touch-up of tinted lip balms are easy.

For those unsure about doing their eyebrows, blading is the newest technique you can do and it lasts for a few months. The most important thing is to keep in mind that little effort can go a long way towards creating effortless makeup looks,” says Elton Steve Vessoaker.

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