Founder of Limeroad, Suchi Mukherjee
Founder of Limeroad, Suchi Mukherjee

It’s not easy to be a Female Entrepreneur in India, but staying positive and never taking “no” for an answer is highly recommended. While it takes hard work to become a boss, these motivated women don’t let that stop them from working towards their goals.

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Taking on all barriers and seizing every opportunity, women are making their presence known everywhere they go. It was Suchi Mukherjee, who surpassed every fear by her desire to build and grow. The desire to reach greater heights in business was driven by a deep passion for entrepreneurship.

How Suchi Mukherjee shaped her business ideas

Suchi Mukherjee’s Limeroad is a lifestyle-focused website, selling products and services in India. She realized that the internet could empower her to be big with the booming e-commerce market. Her mission is to create South East Asia’s largest women-only marketplace, and Suchi Mukherjee is the CEO and Founder of Limeroad.

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A business based on it has never been thought of either, but India’s women had problems finding products online at the time. Having found a piece of jewelry in a magazine but being unable to obtain it, Suchi thought she could take advantage of the situation. This set Suchi apart from his peers.

Limeroad was established so that people could get the products they wanted wherever they wanted. Her lifestyle portal offers the most comprehensive product discovery platform in India.

Suchi Mukherjee’s Education and early career

Suchi had a master’s degree in finance and economics from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cambridge. She began working right after finishing her master’s degree. She began her career at Lehman Brothers Inc, where she worked as a Senior Associate for Corporate Finance for five years. These are a few other significant brands with which Suchi has been associated. eBay, Skype, Virgin Media, and Gumtree (under eBay Inc.) are also examples.

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Rather than working for someone else, she wanted to become an entrepreneur. Then she planted the seeds of Limeroad, which have now sprouted splendidly.

What makes Limeroad a success?

Suchi Mukherjee was initially unable to raise funds for her idea enterprise, but she was determined to establish it. Her confidence was bolstered by the fact that India manufactured over 21% of lifestyle products on the planet (almost $1 trillion industry) at that time. This created an opportunity for Suchi’s Limeroad, with 50 million monthly visitors.

By empowering people, specifically women, and widening their choices, Limeroad serves 40,000 regular active shoppers. Suchi Mukherjee has established Limeroad as a major online portal by facing challenges with composure and being hawk-eyed for success.

According to Suchi, you need the fighter gene to succeed, which is gender agnostic.

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