Rujuta Diwekar helps to lose weight
Rujuta Diwekar helps to lose weight

On September 1, a 2 week-long event began to raise public awareness about nutrition. It is National Nutrition Week this year, and the theme of the week is ‘feeding smart right from the start. Rujuta Diwekar is the celebrity nutritionist who should be talking about it. For her, healthy eating is essential to achieving a lifestyle that is wholesome.

Rujuta Diwekar offers 3 tips for achieving sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle today, to commemorate National Nutrition Week 2021. There are several of her books on health and wellness available on Audible, including Secrets of Good Health, The PCOD Thyroid Book, and Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha.

In Rujuta Diwekar’s opinion, ‘health is wealth’ is more than just an inspirational slogan. Having experienced the pandemic, we have learned this lesson one way or another.” Here are four tips from her that will help you achieve the wealth of health.

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3 Tips from Rujuta Diwekar for weight loss and healthy living

Immune-boosting superfoods

Rujuta encourages people to eat local, seasonal, and traditional foods by moving away from popular trends. Among her books, Eating in the Age of Dieting, she lists five superfoods to boost immunity and provide all the nutrients the body needs. Banana, Jamun, Jackfruit, Custard Apple, and Kusum are some of them.

How can food be healthy if it is not tasty?

Rujuta Diwekar offers few guidelines on how to transform and enhance your diet so that it is more appealing. Sitaphal, Rice, Ghee, Cashews or Nuts, Pickle, and Mango – depending on the season – make up the ingredients. In her opinion, all these food items can lead to weight loss and sustainable health.

Nutrition and exercise can promote hormonal balance

Rujuta Diwekar believes taking charge of ourselves, thanking our bodies, and taking responsibility for our bodies are vital. According to her, “women often indulge in chaotic eating as a result of hormones.

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Food has the ability to heal and has more power than any drug made in a lab, and it brings balance to the body’s hormonal system.” Including food supplements in our diet that are good for hormone balance is a key step to reducing stress.

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