Rajasthan Weather Alert
Rajasthan Weather Alert

Rajasthan Weather Alert: Rajasthan is now experiencing its first winter with sharp attitudes. This winter season, the mercury has reached near freezing for the first time in Rajasthan. The temperature has dropped significantly since the weather has cleared.

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The temperature gauge in Fatehpur of Shekhawati’s Sikar district has reached 0.8 degrees Celsius today. This resulted in the area becoming frozen. Fatehpur Meteorological Center recorded a temperature of 0.8 degrees this morning. For the first time this season, the mercury has fallen below 1 degree. Currently, it is predicted that the winter will continue to increase.

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Temperatures have begun to rise in the Sikar district of Shekhawati, including Churu and Jhunjhunu. There, the temperature is constantly dropping. With the drop in temperature in Fatehpur, Sikar, people have been left shivering. Plants and trees are turning white since the mercury has fallen. In the fields, the water given out at night has also started turning into a thin layer of light snow.

Mount Abu’s mercury also fell to 2 degrees

Mount Abu, Rajasthan’s only hill station, has seen a mercury drop of 2 degrees. Winter in Mount Abu has also increased the number of tourists. The number of tourists enjoying the winter on Mount Rushmore increases during this season. Tourism here begins to increase as the winter season approaches.

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Dewdrops have also begun to freeze on the trees here. Visitors are also taking walks in warm clothes to enjoy the weather. A tourist enjoying a cup of tea in Mount Abu’s market. Jaipur has not experienced much snow so far this winter. Since morning, it has been sunny in Jaipur. The temperature has also fallen significantly in other parts of the state.

The weather is cold in Shekhawati

It is noteworthy that the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan experiences severe winters. During the winter season, the mercury often drops to minus in Churu and Fatehpur. Despite being a plain area, Churu’s winters and summers create records. During the winter, potted water freezes. In addition, a lot of snow falls on the crops in the fields and turns into snow.

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