India cheapest electric car Tiago EV will be launched
India cheapest electric car Tiago EV will be launched

In the EV division, Tata Motors will introduce its third electric vehicle. On September 28th, the Tiago EV, the next electric vehicle, may debut. The company had stated that the Tiago EV will be the least expensive electric vehicle in the nation on the occasion of World EV Day. It will also be the Tata lineup’s most cheap electric vehicle.

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The Tiago EV’s specifications have not yet been made public by the company. It is expected that it will share an electric vehicle base and powertrain with the Tigor EV. The entry-level motor found on the XPress-T, which can produce 41 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque, is anticipated to be used in Tata’s next EV. Fast Charger DC Just one hour and fifty minutes are needed to fully charge the 21.5kW battery.

This will increase EV sales

In the next three years, Tata Motors anticipates that sales of electric cars (EVs) will make up 20% of all passenger vehicle sales in the domestic market. This information was provided on Thursday by a top business official. The company anticipates total EV sales to reach 50,000 units this year. Electric vehicles from Tata Motors include the Tigor EV and Nexon EV.

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