Instagram Profiles are getting hacked from suspicious links
Instagram Profiles are getting hacked from suspicious links

You must have often heard and seen about online crime and hacking. But at this time a different type of hackers are hacking the profile of the people on Instagram. Such social media hacks have been on the rise since September 13, when the RBI issued an alert calling 34 Forex Trading Online Platform apps illegal. You can also check those lists.

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RBI issues alert list for 34 forex trading apps
RBI issues alert list for 34 forex trading apps

Nowadays Trading and Bitcoin App is reaching people through all kinds of promotion and advertising in India. And somewhere people also face big losses through these apps. A few days back RBI issued an alert regarding an online trading platform that includes the names of apps and entities which are not authorized to deal in forex and operate electronic trading platforms for forex transactions.

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Instagram of these people is getting hacked

Since September 13, profiles of many Instagram and social media users are being hacked in India and later posts related to bitcoin and forex trading are being posted on their profiles. These users say that their profile is no longer under their control, and someone is sending messages from their accounts to their friends like clicking on suspicious links.

Let us tell you that such complaints have come from different cities in India and many people have also taken help from the cyber team. These hackers are hacking people’s Instagram profiles using different types of clone and trapped links techniques.

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How to escape from these hackers

If you use Instagram and social media accounts, then keep these important things in mind. First of all, turn on two-verification authentication on your social media profile. Then keep your password strong, as well as do not open any kind of links without checking.

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RBI issued alert

RBI said that the public is once again cautioned not to do foreign exchange transactions on unauthorized ETPs or not to make deposits/deposits for such unauthorized transactions.

RBI said that the alert list includes the names of companies that do not have RBI authorization. RBI said that foreign exchange transactions can be done under FEMA only with authorized persons and for certain purposes only. All companies should be allowed to transact in foreign exchange only on ETP authorized by RBI or recognized stock exchanges like the National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), BSE Limited, and Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Limited.

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