Indian stock market continued to rise on Monday
Indian stock market continued to rise on Monday

The Indian stock market got off to a solid start on Monday morning, maintaining the momentum it had garnered in the final trading session of the previous week. Since this morning, investors have kept a purchasing trend, which has helped Sensex surpass 54 thousand once more.

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A gain of 308 points was seen on the Sensex at 54,069 points, while a gain of 102 points was seen on the Nifty at 16,151 points. Investors became pleased after observing the market’s early gains and they kept buying. Due to this, the Sensex opened up 450 points at 54,237 and the Nifty gained 130 points to 16,180 by 9.26 am.

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Today all sectors boom

All sectors of business today are trading at a high level. Nifty IT and Metal, however, are currently dominating the market. A 1.7 percent growth is being seen in these industries. In addition, the real estate, pharmaceutical, and PSB sectors are trading at a premium today. In just this morning’s trading, BEL’s stock has increased by 4%, while Oberoi Realty’s stock has increased by 1.6%.

Asian markets also shine

The majority of Asia’s stock markets opened higher this morning and are currently trading in the green. This morning, the Singapore Exchange is up 1.01 percent, while the Taiwanese market is up 0.40 percent. The Cospi market in South Korea is also up 1.11 percent today. However, the Shanghai Composite in China is currently down 0.01 percent.

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