Indore's Aman Pandey
Indore's Aman Pandey

Since the world is becoming a big digital space, cyber security is becoming the biggest concern for all the companies involved in the web. The technology we have now makes all of our personal data accessible at the touch of a button. Cyber experts work continuously to protect digital consumers from fraud. It is in such a situation that Google has rewarded Indian tech expert Aman Pandey, founder of Bugsmirror, with a sum of Rs 65 crore. Indian tech experts will be encouraged by this.

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Google has recognized Aman Pandey of Bugsmirror as a leading researcher for finding and reporting Android operating system vulnerabilities. Aman Pandey discovered 232 shortcomings in the Android operating system in 2021. This means that consumers of Android face a high risk of falling victim to scams.

Aman Pandey, a cyber security researcher from India, has been recognized by Google for his work. Their efforts have helped fix vulnerabilities in Android. As a result, the Android operating system is made more secure for consumers.

The company was founded by Aman Pandey in Indore in 2021. NIT Bhopal is where he graduated from. Google has also awarded a reward of $ 8.7 million for this, which is about 65 crores in Indian rupees. Over 115 researchers were rewarded for submitting 333 Android bug reports in 2021. In total, $2.2 million was awarded for this.

As reported by Aman Pandey’s company website, Bugsmirror aims to provide protection against cyber security threats and ensure that your smartphone, PDA, or other IoT device remains free of malware and viruses. At the moment, their full focus is on Android.

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