Influencer Nathalie Fanj
Influencer Nathalie Fanj

Nathalie Fanj, a Lebanese influencer based in Saudi Arabia, hit the streets of Paris on Monday, just in time for Paris Fashion Week.

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The fashion influencer visited the Hermes workshop just before celebrating the launch of the French label’s new product line, which was announced earlier this year. She got a behind-the-scenes look at how the bags are made and restored.

The collection, entitled Les Mains Hermes, contains products to take care of your hands and nails. White mulberry extract is used in the hand cream, a nail and cuticle oil, the protective base coat, the enamels in 24 different shades, the topcoat, as well as the nail files.

One million of Nathalie Fanj’s followers got a peek into the tour as well as the cocktail reception after the tour on her Instagram Stories. As well as posting a set of photos, she posted a series of pictures of her outfit on a carousel.

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Influencer and mother-of-two Dianna Agron chose an Italian label, Bottega Veneta, for her outfit, which paired perfectly with a bag by Hermes in a sharp green hue that’s on-trend.

A former catwalk model, Nathalie Fanj has also showcased her own products in front of street-style paparazzi and recently collaborated with Lebanese jewelry brand L’Atelier Nawbar to produce a collection of six unique rings inspired by the 1990s.

“Jem Pop” is a colorful capsule collection that hit the market in April and gives a modern spin to the plastic jewelry trend that has taken over social media feeds since then.

There are six gold-plated rings in the nostalgic collection that are handcrafted by master jewelers. The collection features enameling techniques and intricate details inspired by nostalgic ’90s elements such as cassette tapes, yin-yangs, and smiley faces.

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As a ’90s kid, Fanj, Dima, and Tania Nawbar, L’Atelier Nawbar’s creative directors, grew up adoring and appreciating the decade’s trends.

In a statement, Nathalie Fanj noted that she grew up in the 90s and was inspired by her sisters who were teens at the time, and the way they dressed. She added, “I own a lot of jewelry and clothing from the 1990s which I’ll never tire of wearing.”

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