Instagram is shutting down IGTV app
Instagram is shutting down IGTV app

It has announced via its new official blog page that Instagram is shutting down the dedicated IGTV app. Following the closure of the IGTV video sharing platform, Instagram said its video-based content will be available via the main Instagram app.

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Additionally, Instagram is also developing a new ‘ad experience’ that will allow creators to monetize their reels through advertising.

The company will focus on Instagram videos

In December 2021, Instagram’s President, Adam Mosseri, outlined a roadmap of features Instagram would have in 2022. The article focused on Instagram’s video capabilities.

A separate app was created for IGTV in 2018

Instagram announced it is shutting down its IGTV app to make it easier to find and create video content. As part of IGTV, Instagram created a separate app in 2018 designed to host vertical videos longer than 60 seconds. Instagram added IGTV and feed videos to Instagram videos last year. Investing in reels will continue to be a priority for the company.

Instagram app will improve video quality with a new step

Instagram said that the IGTV app had been removed to improve videos on the Instagram app for creators and users. Now Instagram is focusing on keeping all videos within the main app. The company says this will enable users to get all these features and capabilities in the main app, thereby making Instagram video simple and better in the months to come.

In-stream video ads will also be eliminated

According to Instagram, the company has also discontinued in-stream video ads (formerly known as IGTV ads) in order to focus on reels. A temporary monthly payment based on previous earnings will be made to creators who earned money from in-stream video ads, according to the company. Instagram will soon allow creators to make money from reel-style content as well.

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Earn money from ads that appear on reels

Also, Instagram revealed that soon creators will be able to earn money from ads that appear on their reels. Additionally, Instagram is building a ‘Special Ad Experience’ that will be tested later this year.

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